Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trade with Underdog (half done!)

I recently almost completed another trade with the Underdog! He sent me another nice mix of cards so I thought I would share with everyone. The reason I say half done is because I am still working on what I want to send back. I have a few cards in mind just have to put it all together (I'm shooting to send it Saturday) Without further ado!

The Richie Allen from 1969 makes another appearance! I was listening to sports talk radio and they were talking about Richie Allen and apparently he used a 40 ounce bat and always said the harder the wood the farther the ball goes. I'm a big fan of the Roy Halladay popup. The Own The Game Jimmy is super shiny. I hope he has a big year this year. All I remember from last August when the Phillies weren't playing so hot and Jimmy didn't run out a few ground balls and that was the talk dujour for a few days. Run it out Jimmy and get on base more often!

The Curt Schilling on the top right is a interesting card. It has stars and has an interesting feel. Now once we invent feeling over the internet I would show everyone. Now you  might be asking yourself why would Brad scan Travis Lee?!? He is not known for doing anything of note but I assure you I have a reason and I will tell you now. The only Grand Slam I have ever seen in person was Travis Lee against the Dodgers in Veteran's Stadium! That was fun! I missed Kevin Millwood's perfect game (still regret not taking those tickets) but I did see a Grand Slam!

I scanned Adam Eaton.. not because he was ever good for the Phillies. But he was once put on the DL for stabbing himself in the stomach with a knife trying to open up a CD!!! 

Thanks for reading and thanks for the almost done trade!

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