Monday, February 18, 2013

Trade with Wicked!

As many of you know The Baseball Don is a great trader and a great guy. The first package he sent me is stuck somewhere in a USPS warehouse probably destroyed or something, but being the upstanding guy that he is he sent another one without hesitation and he did not disappoint. I sent him an ARod auto some sepia refractors and a few other relics and he sent back a ton of stuff. I just scanned some highlights.

We have 3 autos in this scan, of Jim Eisenriech, Greg Luzinski and Al Dark. The Al Dark is really cool cause it is on an actual 1960 Topps card. Eisenreich was one of my favorite Phillies on the 1993 team! There's also a sweet Richie Allen from 69 Topps!

There's a nice mini of Pedro Felix numbered out of 50! My first numbered mini out of Ginter! The Curt Simmons auto is pretty cool. The card is in the middle is an Oscar Mayer card of Frank Thomas! Definitely a crazy odd ball ! And oh yea my 2nd Auto of the Big Hurt was included.

Here's some more awesome cards. The Frank Thomas is actually a slide.. If I had a projector I would make him the size of the wall and take down all the pictures in my apartment, it would be great. Another Phillies auto of Kent Tekulve. Some more relics and awesomeness. The Ryne Sandberg with a Phillies hat.. oh what could have been if they didn't trade him to the Cubs.

Thanks for the trade Wicked!

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  1. I noticed the Al Dark card first thing. Nice cards all around.