Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moving on down to 1958! Mickey Mantle of course

We are continuing the countdown this evening! The 1958 Topps set is nice but I don't think its as nice as 1959 personally. I would still lean towards collecting all of 59 over 58. (Besides all the Phillies team sets, I'm still chasing those).

Check it out (You may recognize the picture)

The card itself has one bad corner and some wear along the front, but its still nice and orange! Not sure how Topps decided to put that background for a Yankees card. On a semi kinda sorta related note I ate an orange at work today! It was good!

Just a quick post tonight, my ebay auctions are ending and I'm hoping for some more bids! My first selling experience on ebay is going well (when I was 12 years old I ran some email online auctions if anyone cares) and if you want any Magic the Gathering cards let me know and I'll see what I have, Thanks!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the lovely 1957!


  1. Nice card. I only just recently got into playing Magic at the comic book store again.

    It's different now though. We're all a bunch of married men who hide the fact that we're nerds at heart from the world. We talk about kids, fantasy football and how Magic "used to be".

    1. I actually played some sealed deck tournament for the 13th edition(i think it was the 13th) I finished 12th out of 40 or so players but I had to have some of the new rules explained to me. It had been about 10 years since i played at all, hence why i'm selling the old cards. I figure if i want to play i'll join a sealed deck or booster tourny for 20 bucks. It was fun to know I could still play and deck build decently.

  2. oranges are not that delicious