Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trade with a Backstop!

I recently completed a very quick and easy trade with Padres collector All The Way to the Backstop! He said I like Darin Erstad.. I knew I had a bunch of those cards I could send his way.. I didn't really ask for anything in return and I got a whole bunch of good stuff!

A little bit of everything in thee cards. Abreu, Lee, Rollins, Howard and even Werth when he wasn't all cavemanish with the facial hair. A classic 1986 Schmidt All Star. Those cards never get old! 

The card in the middle is a David Buchanan minor league card. My first! Love the vintage Jim Kaat (pre 1980 qualifies as vintage in my mind). The picture of the stadium is nice. I'm definitely going to one game this year, we'll see how the year goes how many more I attend. Went to 3 last year and had a great time at each one!

Thanks for the trade! and Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. Glad you liked 'em! Thanks again for the stash of Erstad's!

    Good luck getting to as many games as you can this year. I always make sure to go to one when I visit family in San Diego, but other than that, I usually have to settle for minor league games, which aren't bad, but not quite the same as the big leagues.