Thursday, February 21, 2013

1995 Frank Thomas inserts!

I recently picked up some fun PC cards for my Frank Thomas Collection! I always wanted these cards when I was younger but I was never lucky enough to pull them in a pack and I couldn't afford to buy the singles at the time! I got these all for not expensive (probably paid more on shipping total).

Check em out!

This Hot Numbers insert is from 1995 Flair. It's cool it lists all of his great numbers up to that point! Look at the focus!

I always loved these hobby only Team Leaders cards. I want to eventually complete this set but so far this is the only card I have. If anyone has any for trade, I'm interested!

Last but certainly not least 1995 Emotion NNN TENSE! Feel the N tensity! I like the shininess of the card. These were the one per box (or slightly worse odds I don't remember) that came from this set. I would love to crack a case of 1995 emotion and write a story with all the emotional words on the cards! Now that would be blogging.

2013 Topps Sorting update. I am missing quite a few of the base set. I am planning to have the want list up after work tomorrow. I have a ton of doubles and triples etc so hopefully we can help each other out!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey Brad! Wanna get another trade going? I have some nice ones to send your way. Shoot your Richboro buddy an email if you would like to get a deal in the works. Thanks.

  2. Check out my other blog on the 1995 Emotion Set.