Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Double Dose of Frank and Steve!

I recently completed a quick and easy trade with Brian of 30 Year Old Cardboard. I sent him a bunch of Topps Archives inserts and he sent me 2 Big Hurt Relics.

These are both new to my collection and quite nice looking cards. Happy to add them to my Big Hurt PC, that is slowly growing weekly! Thanks to you traders out there of course I seem to always have new ones to add and catalog and thats awesome!

The next 2 cards are also from the card show. I picked them up from the same guy I got the Ryan Howard auto numbered out of 10.. Check them out my first 2 Steve Carlton autos!

I like the stamps on both of the cards. Even though the top one is a White Sox card it is still going into the PC. The stamp is also a sweet play at the plate. It's also real nice that both of his autos are very legible. Always appreciate a nice signature.

 I still haven't shown off the vintage portion of the show, but since all of you read my want lists everyday religiously (righttt) you know that I knocked off a whole lot of 50s cards!

Thanks for reading and as always if you want to trade, let me know and I'm sure we can work something out!


  1. Question: Is The Big Hurt underrated/underappreciated? I think so.

    1. I agree, Griffey Jr and him came up at the same time, both aren't linked to any sort of steroids talk and they both had hall of fame careers, not taking anything away from Griffey but the Big Hurt doesnt get nearly as much love.

  2. Very nice. Love Century Collection.