Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Ryan Howard Autos!!!

Just a quick post, still feeling a bit under the weather slept most of today. Did go to the post office though and mail out some trades and ebay stuff so that was good. I picked up both of these Howard autos at the card show! The first one is a dual auto with Conor Jackson.. got it on the cheap side cause Mr Jackson did not quite pan out as expected. I like the look of these dual autos. I previously traded one away so I'm happy to add this one to the PC.

This Howard is from 2010 Bowman Platinum and is a sweet patch auto numbered out of 10. None of that glue is on the card just on the case. I bargained with the seller and am really happy with the deal I got for this card! I haven't been able to find another Howard with this low print run at all really. Or they want 100s for it and I only paid 30 bucks for this one!

Also,  unrelated note if you are interested in magic the gathering I just posted a bunch of auctions on ebay for some good cards! Ebay link Also if you have any specific cards you want I would sell or trade for baseball (Mostly 4th edition to Urzas Saga, I have very little of new stuff).

Thanks for reading! Stay Tuned tomorrow for other fun cards and musings!

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