Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Look: National Treasures!

I didn't personally buy any boxes (wish I had jumped in when they first came out due to the rising prices but oh well no big deal). One of my main guys Ryan Howard has a few cards in the set so I was able to get a few. I like the look of the cards and I get the chase for the really rare relics and button cards. I have one button card (Bobby Doer auto button card numbered out of 4) from a previous group break and yes its awesome (not for sale or trade).

Check out the first 2 Ryan Howards I have received:

 This is his "base" card as it is only numbered out of 99. (I didn't notice the creases until I scanned it, another oh well I'm not re-selling it). I didn't pay much for it but its a solidly design card with an unspectacular patch.

This is his rarer card numbered out of 25. Its 2 colors (cue crowd noise 'Ooooooo') And thankfully not creased. I think it cost me 13 or 14 dollars. Which considering I'd be real happy to pull this as one of my big hits.. and the box is 400 dollars.. well sorry to that person who was trying to flip it for a profit. And hooray for me!

I got some other Howards to show off from this set. Just waiting for one more to arrive cause I think they will look good all together!

Also, if you happen to have any Panini Cooperstown from last year please take a look at my Want List (also have a for trade list for that particular set) I am really close to completing the base set and would love to knock it out!

Thanks for reading and happy trading!

Thanks for reading!


  1. love me some National Treasures!


    cause fuck paying $400 per box.

    1. Totally. Got my Anthony Gose Rated Rookie patch-auto (from '12) for $2.32.

      I'll never buy a high-end box.