Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trade with Angels in Order!

I recently completed a trade with Tom over at Angels in Order. It was a quick and easy swap as it should be! I sent him some stuff he wanted and he sent me a nice smorgasbord of stuff back.

Check out some of them!

The Ryan Howard is a nice one numbered out of 99. One of these days I will catalog my Howard cards. I'm sure it rivals the amount of Frank Thomas's I have at this point. Much appreciated that he included a vintage card from my want list! And I got this package right before the card show so I didn't duplicate it! The Cris Carter oh what could've been.. he was an Eagle and then he had an unbelievable career for the Vikings. In my opinion the best hands in the business. 

Look at those Pants!!!!!!! Love the 80s!!! Thanks Jim McMahon!

And Thanks Tom for the trade.

That's all I can muster tonight feeling a bit under the weather.

Until next time, Thanks for reading!

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