Saturday, March 2, 2013

Seems like everyone else posted their's so its my turn..

Another installment of my unofficial series Hall of Famer Rookie Cards, none other then Dave Winfield. I read whatever blogs I can find on most days and I've seen this card at least 3 times. Here's my copy!

No creases some wear on the edges but overall pretty good shape. I snagged it for under 10 bucks so I'm quite happy with the purchase! It looks good next to the Brett, Yount and Ripken.

I am going to the Philly show this weekend. Naturally I will be looking for cards on my Want List but beyond that I'm not sure what to chase. I'm big on Chrome but I maxed out on 2012. I'm not willing to pay 100s of dollars for Oscar Taveras card when he hasn't played a single game yet. I would call myself a semi prospector. I have no problem holding onto a card but I don't want to invest my whole collection on buying, holding and then selling in 5 years.

Went on a bit of a tangent there but the question would be beyond 50s Phillies what else would you go for? I'm not on a unlimited budget but I could afford one BIG card (I classify big as 100+ dollars) and be ok with it.

Thanks for reading! 

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