Friday, March 8, 2013

Tough as "Nails"

Thanks to my extremely creative blog post title I present to you my first and only certified auto of Lenny Dykstra!

Its a nice auto although the card has some chipping due to the black border. I kinda figure Mr Dykstra won't be doing too much signing seeing as how he is in jail. It's a shame his life has taken a turn for the worse after baseball.

Fun random story, back in the 90s I was a kid. My older brother and I played a whole lot of Mortal Kombat for Sega Genesis. We dreamed up a game that had characters only from the 1993 Phillies team.. we even had the Fatalities all thought out and everything. This still needs to happen! I no longer play much video games these days but I would take time to watch Darren Daulton whack someone with a bat or Dykstra spit tobacco at them.. amazing what us youngsters think of!

Thanks for reading!

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