Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trade with OldfoulCardboard!

I recently completed a quick and easy trade with Chris and Kyle over at Old Foul Cardboard. They posted a sweet card that I wanted for my PC. I reached out and we quickly agreed to a swap!

The Howard Relic is  a new one to add to the collection! The other 3 cards were all new Phillies that I didnt have before. Especially love the vintage. I don't have my 70s lists up yet but when I do I know thanks to you guys I have a bunch of good ones already!

Hope to trade with you guys again soon!

Also on a semi related note. I picked up a lot from ebay of about 40-50 'hits'. Almost all of them I'm willing to trade (some decent stuff some not so great stuff). I will hopefully have time in the near future to scan them all and have a little trade bait blowout fun! I'm always interested in Phillies Hits so hopefully we can work out some deals!

Thanks for reading!

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