Sunday, March 31, 2013

Triple the Booklet Triple the Fun!

This is my second look at National Treasures. I showed off 2 cards that I got not too expensively on the first look. I recently received 3 different Ryan Howard booklets in the mail! I'm a big fan of the booklet cards, I think they display really well.

I received one in a trade with Arno from Im Ballsy! That was the card that started off our great trade!

I purchased the other 2 at not crazy prices! Just the way high end products should be!

Check em out all together! Hopefully Howard hits 3 Home Runs in Atlanta to start the season tomorrow! I would be perfectly happy with that!

The top 2 are the non patch numbered out of 99. (I'm still missing the bat one but the jerseys are nice) The middle one was from the trade! The bottom one is the patch numbered out of 25. They all look quite nice. I need to buy a couple more one touch cases to properly display them! Not a bad problem to have!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! Mine went very well!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Stunning lot that looks so good displayed together. I don't have a booklet in my collection. Yet.