Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let's Continue the Countdown 1962 Mantle!

Marching right along to the 1962 Topps Mickey Mantle. I quite like the design of this set. The wood grain look really works on these cards.

I got this one slabbed at 3 which is pretty decent. Don't remember what I paid (and too lazy to check to be honest) but I'm sure it was a great deal! His 1963 card he has the same look just looking the other direction. Wonder if it is the same pic just reverse negative or whatever the correct term is, anyone out there who has photography skills know? Although looking again the backgrounds look different. Either photoshopped or Mickey Mantle made that face for pictures a lot (and by a lot I mean at least twice over his playing career). These are the things I think about after 12 hour work days.

On an unrelated note I havent bought any 2013 Topps and I might not. I'm leaning towards waiting for Chrome to come out and then going for a case of that instead. We'll see but thats the current plan.

Also, Thanks for reading and I hope you guys and gals are enjoying a walk through Mickey Mantle's career in cards!

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  1. I'm loving your Mantle series, Brad! This card is perhaps my favorite of all of those phenomenal cards you've posted thus far. Even were this to have been slabbed and tagged a 1, well worth it and congrats you luck dog (dawg) you have this in your collection!

    I'm not sure if you saw my esoteric nod to Mantle with one of my favorite of his contemporary retro cards on my blog?

    Regarding 2013 franchise, I've been part of a couple group breaks now and have a jumbo box to break here at home. I'd happily set aside all of the Phillies including any hits and SP's I may have for trade...if that could bait you, hm? : )