Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trade with Arpsmith!!

I recently completed a trade with Adam from the great blog ARPsmith's Sportscard Obsession. He is a Giants guy and is probably quite enjoying the run that his team is on. Two out of Three ain't bad. Almost a dynasty. If they do it again this year they enter that arena.

First he sent me this sweet Barry Larkin rookie card. I didn't have his rookie and it fits right into my mini hall of fame rookie card collection!  I didn't care that its graded or not but at least I know its quite protected!

Here is the Phillies portion of our trade. I didn't buy any Heritage this year so getting most of the Phillies in one shot is greatly appreciated! I didn't have the Rollins purple, but now I do (who knew I opened like 70 of those blister packs and didn't get all the Phillies!) Even though they lost Game 1, Utley looked really good and I hope that bodes well for the rest of the season!

Next up is this sweet Nomo Relic. I know of a couple places I can easily trade this too and probably will in the not too distant future!

And I bring to you a corny joke to finish off my post.

April Showers bring Mayflowers. What do May flowers bring?

A. Pilgrims.

Thanks for reading!

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