Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Couple of Low Numbered Howard's!

In a joint Philadelphia effort to help Ryan Howard out of his power slump (only one Home run this year) I am going to post 2 of his really nice autos that I picked up recently. I set a price limit on each and thankfully they came in under what I was willing to spend. I really want this one. But I am not paying 900 dollars for it. Simply not in the budget and I think its worth max 300 personally.

Back to the sweet cards I actually do have!

The Howard is numbered 2 out of 10 with a sticker auto but its still a real nice design. The borders are eye catching and I like the SPx brand. 

 This Howard is even sweeter then the previous one. This one is signed on card which seems to be pretty rare for Howard cards. As you can see also numbered very low out of 10. And it also has a few bat and jersey relics spelling out NL MVP! I was quite pleased to be able to find this one and not have it at some ridiculous buy it now price (see ebay link above for ridiculous buy it now price).

The week ahead for the card blog:

 I believe I have completed all the trades that were started via email. I'm expecting a few trade packages to come in this week(which is always great). I've bought a couple of not so expensive cards off ebay that I'll hopefully get in the mail as well. Unfortunately I am quite busy this coming weekend and won't have time to make it to the post office so no trades this week since I won't be able to hold up my end of the bargain. The following week though I am hoping to finally get more organized and get some more trade bait up so people can pick and choose and make some deals! Looking forward to that.

If you happen to have any Howards numbered lower then 50.. I am interested. (I know I just said I won't be trading this week and then I ask for cards.. tell me next week!)

Thanks for reading! It's the reason I write!

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