Monday, April 8, 2013

A new 1 of 1!

This is a TRUE one of one.. not one of those "ebay" one of ones. Although, I did get it on ebay at a price I was more then comfortable with considering the scarcity of the TRUE one of one! I'm sitting here watching Roy Halladay's career crumble on national TV so I might as well post a cool card to keep my spirits up!

Sweet relic from 2009 Tripe Threads! I've been collecting Howards numbered under 25 lately (have quite a few more from the past month!) But this is the lowest number of them all! My only other 1 of 1 Howard is the 2012 Superfractor.

I had the rainbow graded for protection and display purposes. I have no future plans to sell it. I didn't put any minimum grade on it so getting it back like that was just a bonus!

Also, I just joined a group break at Andrew's Baseball Cards. He is breaking a box of Gypsy Queen so for just 12 bucks you get your pick and a random team. Check it out!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Why even try to pretend? These 1/1 Triple Threads look so, so good.