Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Triple Phillies Auto!

Just a quick show and tell this morning (wish I had such cool stuff when I was younger!) I picked up this card with some paypal money after selling some of my old magic cards. I've sold a few of my high dollar ones and honestly its gone really well. I've made way more money I think then if I had sold them in one large lot. I haven't had any issues either which is always a plus.

Anyway back to this card, check out the Phillies coolness!

It came graded so I didn't pay for that part of it. Considering the thickness and all that of these cards getting a 9 is pretty solid. I like the patch on the Schmidt and its pretty cool to have Ryan Howard, Mike Schmidt and Bobby Abreu on the same card. Definitely a nice addition to my Phillies PC!

I've never bought a pack of Triple Threads not sure if it's worth it considering I know how much I paid for the ones I have. Never really broke the bank going after these cards and these I would consider to be "big" hits! Gotta love the singles market.

Gypsy Queen is out, I've yet to get my first taste but I have my eye on a couple cards, we will see what happens!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have that one as well, I consider it one of the highlights of my collection:

    That means we know where two of the 36 copies reside. I wonder how many other Phillies card bloggers have it too.