Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Thank you to Allthewaytothebackstop!

A little while ago Marcus from All The Way to the Backstop! posted about some Heritage cards he picked up. He asked if people wanted to trade. I said I was interested in the Phillies card he got. I didn't hear anything back but no big deal messages get missed. Imagine my surprise and delight when I got a PWE in the mail with the card I was interested in and a bonus card!

Check it out, its especially sweet because I didn't buy any Heritage this year so getting this card would be real difficult!

The Carlton is a sweet oddball card I did not have. The Howard is not only a shortprint but its a Chrome refractor numbered out of 999! I recently picked up a card to properly send a Thank you back. Once I get it expect a nice Padre in return!

Thanks for your kindness and Thanks for Reading!


  1. The Carlton is a great looking piece of history. What is that, early 80's?

    Nice Howard SP. Looks more like a football card portrait to me.

    1. Just checked 1984! My girlfriend said the same thing about the Howard.. gotta love the big head shots of 1964

  2. Glad you liked 'em! Thanks for the shout out!