Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trade with My Cardboard Mistress!

I recently completed a great trade with My Cardboard Mistress! If you haven't seen his blog go check it out, always a good read! He is also a great trader as I quickly learned when the mail came last week. He had posted a card on his blog that he pulled from a pack and mentioned it would be for trade or sale for the right price. I said hey I would like that card if you don't mind lets trade! I sent him one pretty decent card I think and some other stuff and he did not disappoint. (That was a good story don't even deny you didn't like reading it)

I split this up into a few scans.. I will save the best for last, but if you just want to look at pictures (hey sometimes I do that) scroll to the bottom and check it out.

These are some ginter and GQ mini's. I've honestly never received so many Phillies mini's in the past week before. It's been pretty cool. I need to get motivated to actually organize them and figure out what the heck is missing. I'm sure I'm missing one or two just have no idea which one.. one day I will know and I will tell you and you'll be like hey I have that one lets trade! Now THAT will be a good day! 

The Schmidt is a boxtopper from Ginter. I've never bought a box of Ginter so to get the box topper is pretty cool. The J-Roll is one of those stand ups cards. I have a thing about keeping all my cards in the best condition possible (just short of OCD, eh who cares my cards look nice) so I haven't decided whether to stand up the J Roll or not. That will be a future decision, lets not be hasty.

Check out that Queen Latifah! Amazing. And oh yea baseball cards, Phillies mainly (or completely). I like those Triple Play cards in person. Didn't think I would they don't look great in scans. Love the Chooch insert where he is tagging someone out. Hard to tell in the scan but the Jiwan James is a gold refractor numbered out of 50. Now that's a nice 'throw-in' card if I must say so myself.

Yes these are Eagles cards. Yes they are awesome. The Nick Foles diecut is crazy thick. (on a side note if he doesnt win the starting job his autos should really drop in price!) Who knows whats going to happen with Vick and Barkley in the mix. At least it should be more interesting then last years debacle. The auto is of young wideout Marvin McNutt. Hopefully he sticks on the Eagles and does some good things this year. The other one is a relic of D Jax numbered out of 100. The placement of the relic makes me laugh almost looks like DeSean is wearing a skirt.

And the Main Event.. the star of the show.. the greatest player in the history of his sport..

An awesome Michael Jordan bat relic card! This card looks great in person. Couldn't be happier to add it to the PC! I have nothing bad to say about the card. I did always wonder though, what if MJ could hit a curveball and ended up making the majors, would he have ever gone back to basketball? It's interesting to think what would have happened. Would he have been a dual hall of famer? Is that better then the greatest basketball player ever? I like discussing the possibilities of such things. 

Thanks for the trade and Thanks for reading!


  1. Glad you liked the cards.

    I actually got the Jiwan James gold refractor on ebay a while back for less than a dollar. The listing was "jiwan james card" and that's it. Sometimes it pays to look closer.

    I just noticed the Ryan Howard and Queen Latifah seem to be looking at the same thing. I think they're both checking out that Schmidt N43 card (good luck storing that odd sized card somewhere...)

    1. I have about 2-3 thousand unsorted Phillies cards on my desk right now.. the N43 will fit right in!