Monday, April 22, 2013

An Auto of Amazement!

I picked up this auto recently of a guy that can only be admired. He did what few would think to do considering his limitations. He was born without a right hand and still become a major league level pitcher, even winning a cy young! According to wikipedia he also appeared in an episode of Boy Meets World, one of if not the best show ever! He gets an A in my book!

I assure the card is not chopped, just scanned oddly. It's a cool picture on the card. I like how it shows that he pitched with his glove on his right arm and then he would switch real quick so he could field the ball if it came to him. Crazy and awesome that he was able to have a pretty solid major league career! 

He is now a motivational speaker. Hard to get a better example then that guy to be motivated to do something! 

I am quite pleased to add an auto of his to my collection. Just one of the good guys out there that deserves all the good things he gets!

Thanks for reading!


  1. +1 for Boy Meets World, and of course, +a million for Abbott! Very nice auto.