Monday, April 29, 2013

Group Break Goods from Andrew!

I have never purchased a box of Gypsy Queen personally. I have all of 2011 (including all the inserts). I'm sure (I think I'm sure) I have most of the Phillies from 2012. I haven't bought any packs this year of Gypsy queen but I have gotten a lot of the Phillies and a couple hits! Thanks in large part to the Group Break of Andrew's Baseball Cards! I was happy with the haul and he was kind enough to throw in some heritage from last year as well. I bought two teams (Phillies and Angels) (if the box hit a Trout I wanted it to be mine). (I like paranthesis).

Check out the goods!

These were the mini's I received. All but the Phillies are for trade. I have no designs to even attempt to get all of these so I'm content with just holding onto my favorite team. The one Wade Boggs was from the mini box thing so thats why the pictures are different. (I do not remember which is which). The Price and Longoria are pretty cool. With the way Matt Moore is pitching the Rays can be dangerous this year.

This is the blue bordered CJ Wilson numbered out of 499 on the front. They really are sharp cards in person. It was cool to grab this one. I will happily swap it for any Phillies of the same variety if  you have one. Overall impressive design on these though very eye catching.

The hit of the break for me! I was more then happy when I saw Chooch's auto drop from the box! It is my first auto of his and he is coming back soon from his Adderall suspension. I hope he steps in and plays like he did last year and leads the Phillies back to the playoffs!
Thanks for hosting the group break and Thanks for reading!


  1. Would love a shot at those three Red Sox minis, I'm sure I've got more Phillies lying around...

  2. Both Wade Boggs and that Chooch sig are awesome. Gypsy Queen has a lot of nice inserts this year. Love the blog btw I just started following check mine out join the site if you like what you see. Good luck to the Phillies this season.

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