Thursday, May 2, 2013

Who wants to trade for this card?

I have other trades to post and scan. I am almost caught up with that amazingly kinda. (By almost I mean I have like 40-50 things that I would like to scan at this very moment). But regardless, who wants to trade for this card? I will do one of those whoever claims it I will send it to them and honestly send me anything back! First one to claim it in the comments and send me a address via email the card is yours and our trade commences. I will ship it on Saturday with a couple other trades I got going on!

Help! Trade for this card!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. So how about one of those Ike Davis cards ya got! Not quite sure what to trade for one of'em though..

    1. Congrats you win the Ryan Braun.. but we can work out a deal for the Ike Davis's (I'm assuming the Red and Sepia refractor) Also not listed I have his 2010 Chrome Rookie base auto. Let me know shoot me an email brauer144 at gmail dot com.