Monday, May 20, 2013

A Few Cards Pulled!

These are some cards that have been pulled directly from the packs either by myself or my girlfriend! I would be willing to trade for some sort of Phillies auto/relic or Frank Thomas etc. Just give a shout (or comment nicely) if you're interested and we can work something out.

I went to the Phillies game on Sunday during the day. It was overcast all day but it did not rain at all during the game, thankfully. The best part is I saw back to back home runs for the win. I have no idea if that has ever happened previously but either way it was pretty awesome to watch! High fives all around and everyone leaves happy (until they sit in traffic trying to get back onto the highway). We were sitting 1st base side lower level so we had a real good view of the home runs that were hit out to left field (both pull shots by Kratz and Galvis). And they were hit off of Chapman, which is crazy cause of how good he has been the last few years. All in all a fun afternoon.

Now back to the cards, pulled these 2 from some retail 2013 Topps:

A pretty cool Jason Heyward relic card and the out of bounds short print of Anthony Rizzo!

The Matt Adams auto has already been traded so that is no longer available. The Dwight Smith and Jedd Gyorko are available. Jedd is doing pretty decent for his first season.

A little change of pace. I do like Mike Richards seeing as he is a former Flyer but I would rather see him in a Flyers uniform so this can be traded. Any Edmonton Oilers fans out there? If so this Sam Gagner can be yours!

I plan on getting to scanning and trying to get some trade waters going! I haven't completed a trade in almost a week or so now! Too long!

If you're interested drop me a line.. if you don't see anything you like check out the Trade Bait page (scans available if you want to see anything just haven't had the time to post all the cards in the Trade Bait section) And if you want other stuff I have a few cards that I hold for off trade bait. Cards that would be a bit harder for my to let go but anything can be had if the deal is right! So you never know unless you ask! (that was the wordiest way ever just to say hey just ask!)

Thanks for reading my diatribes and hope to trade with you soon!

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