Sunday, May 5, 2013

Trade with Thoughts and Sox!

I recently completed another great trade with Adam of Thoughts and Sox! He is a Bill Virdon supercollector and I was lucky enough to obtain a card that he didn't already have. I posted about it earlier.. A Future Trade That future trade is completed! I am quite happy with what I received in return for that card and I believe he likes the card for his PC as well so win-win!

Check out the fun stuff!

I am not personally a David Ortiz fan, but I do like the way he plays the game, seems to really enjoy it. I just really liked the patch on this card and I think the card itself looks really cool all together. Very well put together and sweet patch!

Two awesome vintage pieces. The 1972 Yaz is amazing and the Hank Aaron is pretty nice I would say. I am quite pleased by vintage. I wasn't born when these cards came out but I appreciate the history that they provide. The Schilling relics are nice, I do like the framed A&G cards. Makes the card pop out!

Main Event #1..!

A Top 3 Running Back of all Time Barry Sanders! He was a pleasure to watch and decided to retire when he was ready. It's a shame he wasn't on some better teams. It's between him Emmit Smith and Walter Payton as the best ever in my opinion. Maybe in a few years Adrian Peterson will be in that conversation as well. I am quite happy to trade for a sweet rookie of Barry!

Main Event #2!

Joe Frazier's auto 8x10 photo (also came with  COA). He is one of the All Time Greats! I am not a boxing collector but I couldn't pass up a chance to own this awesome piece! He only ever lost to Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. That's it! Quite an amazing career!

Thanks for the trade Adam!

Thanks for reading!

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