Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Sweet Patch and some Stamps!

We at Brad's Blog (and by 'We' I mean me since its my blog) are taking a break from trade post week. I do have some more to post and scanned them tonight but I will give them props on some later days. I wanted to show off this sick card (and by 'sick' I mean good) from Gypsy Queen that I picked up! I was in a fierce bidding war but I was determined to not lose this card cause I knew it wouldn't be popping up again anytime soon.

I love me some patches!

The patch is nice and stripey! Also this card is numbered 10 out of 10! Fits right into my ever growing patch/auto Ryan Howard collection. The card is pretty thick but looks nice in the 1 touch holder (provided by the seller Thanks!).

Recently, I went to the post office to pick up stamps and mail off some trades! The lovely girlfriend asked me to pick pretty stamps for some stuff she needed to mail.. How did I do?!

Hard to get much prettier then that!

Thanks for reading!

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