Monday, May 6, 2013

Trade with The Owl!

I recently completed my first trade with Night Owl! If you are reading this blog and haven't read his.. well I'd be kinda surprised he has a much larger following and is actually a good writer. But none the less go visit his blog after reading this post (and all the others I've written). I inquired about a card he posted on his blog and he said if you want it its yours. I sent him some Dodgers and he sent me some Phillies!

Check em  out!

I believe these were all new Phillies to the collection. I know I did not have the Halladay or Victorino Red parallel version. I wasn't collecting in 2008 so to pick up the Chrome cards of 2 Phillies I really like is much appreciated. The Goodwin champions card is quite serene. It looks like a nice day.

The Cole Hamels die cut is what started the trade, quite a nice shiny card in person. I like how Brad Lidge and Papelbon and super intense after the save. Who doesn't like vintage?! My first 75 mini of Bob Boone and some other nice vintage cards.

Thanks for the trade Owl!

Thanks for reading!

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