Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trade with The Diamond King!

I recently completed an unplanned swap with The Diamond King! He had sent me an Andre Igoudala auto a while back for nothing and once he announced his SCAM steroids collecting project, I was able to send him a decent relic. I told him don't send anything back cause I owed him from before but being the generous trader he is he sent me a awesome surprise package anyway! I definitely owe you one and will try and get together a decent package in the next coming weeks!

Check out the goods!

A very nice assortment of shiny cards. I like the Robin Roberts reprint (have the original too!). Cliff Lee has been a bright spot for the Phillies this year. The painted Ryan Howard is pretty cool and def a new one to add to my Howard PC. I need to pull those cards they are kind of all over the place. I like the look of the Rowand as a 1959 topps chrome. All in all good stuff...

But of course The DK (mind if I call you that?) did not dissappoint...

A sweet Howard ginter relic that I didn't have! Much appreciated and love the pinstripe in the card, gives it character! 

Thanks for the impromptu trade! I will get something out there in the near future!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey, I have a 2009 Ryan Howard Bat piece. Would you be interested?