Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Trade and a PWE!

I recently completed a trade with Fantastic Catch! I saw he needed a Matt Adams auto and had a Ryan Howard relic.. so naturally we traded!

Check it out!
I like the cut out of the relic and the other 2 cards as throw in's are appreciated. I recently (as in today) started sorting my random piles of cards. The current method is sort everything into teams so it will make trading that much easier! I won't be breaking any sets but I have tons of chrome doubles from my cases and random stuff laying around that I will never complete (nor want to).

These next cards were from Underdog Card Collector! He got some Phillies cards thought of me and sent them over! We've traded a couple times and each time has been great. I have a few cards picked out to send back in the next week or so!

Thanks! I didn't buy a single pack of Heritage or Gypsy Queen and I'm pretty sure I have the team sets!

Thanks for reading!

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