Friday, May 24, 2013

Bowman Break!

I recently went to the retail store to bust some random packs. Had no real agenda but it had been a while since I busted any packs. Picked up a blaster of 2013 bowman.. destroyed the odds!

A Gold and Purple refractor! The gold is numbered out of 50 and is a 1 in 600 pack retail pull! Not the best player in the world but hey I was happy to see the shiny! The Morneau is from 2008 UD Spectrum and the Lowell is from a 2008 Upper Deck Heroes pack. I like the color in that set too always seem to get something. I would consider buying a box of it just for the fun.

The one per pack golds are ok. I would trade any of these for the Phillies ones if anyone has them. A good mix of teams at least. Jeter looks angry!

The flag card is pretty cool. Only hit one Philly of bowman chrome prospects (I think there are 2) so actually 8 packs one Phillies player YES! The card on the top left is a mini refractor. Not sure how I feel about mini's in bowman, I feel like those are reserved for GQ and A&G.

Thanks for reading and if you want to trade leave a note!

1 comment:

  1. I am very interested in the Lowell and the Cuevas. I would imagine I have some Phillies lying around.