Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Massive Trade Bait Post.. Lets make a deal!

I received these cards all at once in one of those random lots. Nothing was listed so I had no idea what I was getting. Some good stuff some meh. So lets trade!

I am looking for Phillies cards numbered, relics, autos. Ryan Howards move to the front of the line. Frank Thomas's well. I always like Vintage Phillies. If you have any of those random sets that I've had in my want list forever that would be cool too. Also if you have 2013 Bowman Silver ice, I'm kicking around the idea of going for that set (so shiny!).

Lets get to the cards that are up for trade!

Ivan Rodriguez Bat Relic 
Alex Rodriguez Game Face Gear jersey Relic
Jason Giambi Topps Gold Label bat relic
Chad Cordero Spx Relic 81/199
Shairon Martis Auto
Ron LeFlore Auto
Rikki Johnson Auto
Mickey Lolich Auto
Miguel Cabrera Ultimate Collection 194/450

 Logan Morrison Gold Refractor 49/50
Lou Piniella Jersey Relic
Cesar Valdez Auto
Doug Devore Auto
Scott Kazmir Jersey Relic
Delmon Young Bat Relic
Brian Stokes/Shawn Riggans Dual Auto
Joey Gathright Auto
Terrence Long Relic

Vida Blue Jersey Relic
Melvin Mora No numbered mini
Juan Aracena Auto
Manny Ramirez Tools of the trade 19/125
Jonathan Papelbon Relic
Jason Varitek/Tony Perez Dual Relic
Brandon Larson Relic 100/100
Mike Gulan Auto
Mike Vasquez Auto

 Bryan Anderson Gold Refractor 31/50
Chris Duncan Jersey Relic 
Brian Jordan Auto
Thomas Diamond RC
Alfonso Soriano Refractor
Alfonso Soriano Ballpark Collection 382/699
Alfonso Soriano SP Authentic 58/59
Alfonso Soriano Blue Refractor 238/500
Alfonso Soriano Gold Refractor 40/50

Felix Hernandez RC
Michael Pineda Orange I think 182/245
Rondell White Bat Relic
Chris Petit Shiny 87/99
Chris Petit Shiny 525/599
Chris Petit Regular
Francisco Rodriguez 14/450
Hunter Pence Jersey Relic
Brett Lawrie Diecut

 Felipe Lopez Jersey Relic
Jimmy Key Auto (looks real not certified though)
Roy Halladay Ultimate Collection 160/450
Vernon Wells Jersey Relic 
Raul Mondesi Passport Jersey relic 600/1200
Nick Neugebauer Acetate Auto
Gary Sheffield Future Watch Flashbacks 178/495
Ben Sheets Jersey Relic
Ubaldo Jimenez Leather Nameplate

 Clayton Kershaw Orange Refractor 34/99
Andre Ethier Jersey Relic 
Brent Hoard Auto
Denard Span Auto
Gary Sheffield Bat Relic
Bill Madlock Jersey Relic
Sammy Sosa rookie graded 10(if anyone has a Frank Thomas 1990 slabbed Lets trade!)

Elvin Soto USA Card
Abby Wambach Jersey Relic (she is quite the header!)
Javy Lopez Auto (includes COA)
Gavin Floyd Orange Refractor 17/25
Josh Hamilton Refractor
Paul Maholm Auto
Cleon Jones Auto
Mo Vaughn Bat Relic 32/100
Ike Davis Auto

Claim your card in the comments or drop me an email!

Thanks for checking the cards out!


  1. If you can handle my slow-poke mailings, please set aside the Kershaw orange refractor for me. I'll be back to mailing out cards in a week or so.

  2. I'll happily trade for the Javy Lopez Auto and the Vida Blue Jersey cards. You want a bunch of Phillies?

  3. Set aside the 3 Petits if you dont mind. I'll see what I can dig up for you.

    1. They're yours, send me your address brauer144 at gmail dot com