Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trade with The Legend of the Shoebox!

I recently completed another trade with Shane over at Shoe Box Legends! I posted a few Red Sox cards he said he wanted I said no problem.. He gathered up every Phillies card known to man and sent them to me! It was 2 rather large stacks of cards so I scanned a few!

A few nice things going on in these cards. A double dose of Utley (4 for 5 today big win!) A new Ryan Howard card. And YES Tommy Greene is in the NO Hit Club!! It's like the hair club for men, he's not only the president he's also a member!! 

I really like the Bowman Heritage Pat Burrell card. I am a big fan of 1955 Bowman. Another Howard probably hitting a home run in that picture. A pretty cool Turkey Red card. Like the painted shots. 

Look at the Vet! The 700 level used to be a great spot to see some fights and take in a game! Kruk and Daulton are all over the airwaves these days. If you are in the Philly area talking baseball with Dutch is my afternoon listening on the drive home from work. Obviously Krukker is on national TV. (I do like how he managed to get his autos into 500 dollar a box products!) Good for him though not a bad accomplishment. On the bottom there is a Mike Grace rookie. I met him when he was in double A and he signed a bat for me. Nice guy, unfortunately his career ended because of arm trouble.

Thanks for the trade!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Glad you needed at least some! Will be scanning and posting the cards you sent when I get back from traveling later this week...