Friday, May 31, 2013

Trade with Noooooooooomo!

I recently completed my third? I think it's the third trade, anyways we did a trade! Check out his awesome blog.. Nomo! I sent him some stuff I think he would like and he sent me stuff that I do like! It was one of those hey want to trade kind of trades that are fun to do.

Check em out!

Some good stuff above! Baseball Heroes Chase, Howard and J Roll! I really like the World Series Cards. Gotta cheer for a guy like Chris Coste who made the majors past the age of 30 and is able to get a ring. That's perseverance.  A shiny Howard in the middle. And as all of us collectors of anything out there know... Shiny = good.

A vintage Lefty! And an auto of Ken Howell! Never thought I would ever own a auto of Ken Howell but I am delighted that I do!

 The hottest bat in the league Dom Brown (FIVE home runs this week!) who knew he had that in him! Two cards of the forgotten rookie Darin Ruf. It's odd he killed it last year in September and now he can't even get a call up. They called up Michael Martinez instead of him.. I don't get it. If you can't hit, bring up a hitter! I like Gavin Floyd's hair, wishing him well on his elbow recovery. I always wish he panned out in Philly and I do cheer for him to do well on the White Sox.

Thanks for the trade and Thanks for reading!

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  1. Glad that you enjoyed the nice mix I sent you. Thanks for the trade.