Monday, September 2, 2013

A Couple o' Blasters!

I recently opened 2 blasters, one Topps Series 2 and one Bowman Platinum. I wanted to test the waters of Bowman Platinum. It is sufficiently shiny but the card design doesn't do much for me personally. If anyone needs/wants any of these cards from the posts I'm sure we can come to a quick swap.

Check out some of the goodies from Wal Mart/Target

I highlighted a few of the inserts. The Cut to the Chase's look nice. I like classic uniform on the Gary Carter card.

My Manu Patch is Mr Cub Ernie Banks. I saw him a couple years ago on my way back from Phoenix at the airport. I was flying back to Chicago after attending the All Star game and on the plane was Starlin Castro (sat way in the back of the plane) and Mr Cub himself (sat first class). It was pretty cool to see them up close.

Always nice to hit a Puig rookie in my 8 packs. The Cano is a diecut thing looks kinda cool. Got one of each color. Trout gold, Former Philly Michael Young Red, and Yadier Molina Blue. Not too shabby. 

Yay! hit an auto! 1 in 32 packs! I do like the look of the Platinum autos. Lots of space for the signature and on card in this case. (Not sure if all of them are on card).

It is always fun opening wax. The Topps Chrome case has been officially pushed back to September 25th which messes up my plans but oh well. Not sure when we're going to have time to crack it open. I plan on semi live blogging it like last year. On the brightside the Philly show is that weekend so it will be nice to browse some things in person. I really like looking at some of the crazy vintage stuff these dealers have.

Let me know if anything caught your eye!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Looks pretty! Any word on Bowman Chrome, will it be pushed back too? Last I heard there still wasn't a checklist released.