Saturday, September 28, 2013

What's in a Case Part 3 and 4!

I have decided to combine the openings of box 3 and box 4. (Did I mention I love cracking cases). It literally takes all my will power to stop and scan. Thankfully, my lovely girlfriend enjoys sorting and she is doing all the base cards.

This morning we will also be on our way to the Philly Show to see what other things we can find. It will be fun as always. Even if I can't afford some of the stuff its pretty cool to see in person.

Anyways, onto Box 3!

Got a decent black refractor in Lance Lynn. He's been pretty good the past couple years. As you can see up top it was nice to hit another Puig insert. Glad to knock that one off the list through packs. Look a Profar! Got the blue and now a die cut! 

Another nice auto! Nick Franklin blue (If its not traded I will redeem it) and the best name in the set LJ Hoes! Love me some on card autos!

Box 4!:

The Josh Johnson is a red refractor (kinda an odd shade of red this year) numbered out of 25! The black refractors look good and I do like the light blue this year. 

I was happy to see a Jose Fernandez refractor auto come out. He has filthy stuff (probably rookie of the year!) I'll probably be keeping that one! I don't know much about Allen Webster but he's a Red Sox so that can't be too bad. 

Four Boxes down, 8 to go! 

Stay Tuned for probably the best hit I've ever pulled in Box 5! (ohhh a teaser!)

Thanks for reading!

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