Friday, September 20, 2013

A trade! With 14K Phillies!

I recently completed a quick and easy trade with 14,000 Phillies! I am way behind him on collecting Phillies. I have organized my want lists up to 1985 though! Only 28 more years to organize.. haha. He responded to my Ryan Howard Supercollection post and offered up a Howard ginter relic. I am a big fan of the frames on these cards so they always have a place in my collection.

I really like the picture on the Howard relic too. He looks like he's admiring a home run or staring off into the sunset. Either way it looks nice. The other card is a Topps Attack shiny card. I think it was some sort of promo and it's still in the original wrapping!

Thanks for the trade!

Thanks for reading!

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