Sunday, September 29, 2013

Whats in a Case Part 6 and 7

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on the Puig hit. I will tell everyone that I have already moved it (I traded it for a card I've been wanting for a while) I sent the card off to be slabbed. The grade on it doesn't matter so much to me as the protection the slab will provide. Once the card is back (should be 20 business days) I will post it for everyone to see! Very excited!

Onto the fun!

Box 6:

I was happy to see the first Gold of the break, Mr David Freese. Solid color refractor. Got another blue of a Blue Jay fittingly. 
The autos were both base. Jedd Gyorko and Jake Odorizzi. I have a Gyorko from Bowman so if anyone is interested in either of them. The Jake is nice though, kind of a funky signature.

Box 7!

The Harper and Miggy XFractors are pretty cool. Look another Gyorko blue! Sepias are always nice to see! 
The Rondon is the refractor version! He throws really hard. What's a case without a Jeurys Familia auto! No case at all!

Thanks for reading! It's been really fun so far!

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