Friday, September 27, 2013

What's in a Case Part 2!

Let's continue the fun!

Just so everyone knows I will have a recap post at the end with all the color and notables and then we can discuss trades.

It seems like every box you get at least 2 color refractors and the chance for more!

Onto Box number 2!

 The first Puig base card! I know for sure I am keeping one for my own set. But beyond that I haven't decided if I'll trade these to the Dodger friends out there or just sell them in a lot for like 20 bucks. I traded the A&G one away (don't regret it one bit it was a good trade). I like the Jon Jay picture very actiony (wow poor adjective). It's nice to hit the future 2 time MVP Dynamic diecut. The Feliz is the first Sepia! Love Sepia refractors (have all 220 cards from last year!) 

When the case is done I will put the puzzle pieces together and take a picture.. Might look cool.
We continue with a color auto numbered out of 100! The first black auto of the break Alfredo Marte. Also, the first redemption card, Tony Cingrani. I thought the redemptions would bother me but they don't. I'm still waiting on a Jim Palmer Five Star auto and a Bryce Harper Black Topps Chrome auto from last year, but I am patient they will come.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey man I would be willing to trade you for any Cardinals that you pull from the case you can email me back at if you would like