Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My PC Player Ryan Howard "Super Collection"

You could say that I have been a Phillies fan since birth. Growing up in the 1990s we had the Sunday package to Veteran's Stadium and went to many games every year. I'll always remember my sister bringing coloring books cause she was bored and my brother making sure not to miss any play so he could keep proper scoring. I was always on the lookout for a foul ball (even if we were in the 700 level who knows it could've happened!) I got one ball when I was nine years old during batting practice, it rolled to me. I was able to get it signed by the immortal Toby Borland. Still have the ball in my card room.

Back to what I was talking about. I really like Ryan Howard. In my opinion he's the reason the Phillies sustained such excellence. Ever since his Achilles injury the entire team hasn't been the same. Keep in mind they won the world series before Halladay and Lee came on board. He was the rock that was good for a home run every 12 at bats and always drove a ton of runs in. Sure he struck out now and then but when he was locked in, forget about it, bye bye ball.

I wanted to show off my relics autos and my pretty cards. I went on a bit of a buying binge in the last year and a half but unfortunately had to slow down considerably in the last few months. I am getting more selective on what I'll purchase, but I will always be willing to trade for new Howard cards!

I wasn't able to scan any base cards.. because honestly I am disorganized and I am counting on my girlfriend to get annoyed enough and magically sort all of my team sets in one night (I have about 2-4K worth of Phillies cards sitting on a desk right now).

On with the show!

I loved 2012 Triple Threads patches. These low numbered cards are super colorful and display really well. I am still on the hunt for the 3rd one of the 198 Homers in 4 Yrs card. It would be cool to have a entire print run (even if its only 3 cards). The Ryan Howard Bowan's Best rookie auto was a chase card. I may consider upgrading to a better condition one at a later date but for now it's quite nice. The Gypsy Queen is a nice looking patch out of 10, the frames really make these cards pop.

The only non hit I've posted is the Superfractor of the rainbow I was able to complete last year. Such a nice card. I can't wait to go for the rainbow this year (really hope the super surfaces so I can get it!). The Triple auto is Mike Schmidt, Ryan Howard and Bobby Abreu. I like that it's all Phillies, made it a easy PC pickup. My current favorite Howard is the Bat nameplate. I paid a pretty penny for it but I figured it might be my only chance to snag one of them. The seller was great and got me the card in 2 days so no complaints there. The Triple Threads 146 RBI is a one of one as well, not nearly as colorful as 2012. The Howard Bowman's Best I was able to pick up at the last Philly show for a decent price (believe I paid 90 for that and 2 Steve Carlton autos). 

The Howard in the top left is signed on card. Which is rare to find in Howard's cards. The one in the middle is the only Sterling card I have, and I like the look of it. 

If you couldn't tell Triple Threads are great!

Here's the first book card I scanned. The only downside to this card is A-Rod is in the middle so I can't cut him out without ruining the card. 

I really like the way book cards display (although I need about 6 more magnetic cases). 

The ones in the cases are the current ones on display. The Schmidt/Howard is pretty sweet and the patch card I was able to pick up for less then 20 dollars when NT came out (which was a steal!)

I have a decent collection of Frank Thomas (although not nearly as many high end cards). But my main guy at this time is Ryan Howard. I hope he comes back strong next year and leads the Phillies back to the playoffs. Then the haters can eat their words.

That's my super collection, hope you guys and gals enjoyed!

If you have any Howards let me know!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Holy Howard! That's quite a collection.

  2. You have any need for a 2011 Topps Allen and Ginter's Framed Mini Relic (bat)? I didn't see one here, and I have an extra available. If interested, you can contact me at "mattapp at Google's email service."