Monday, September 30, 2013

Whats in A Case Part 8 through 10

I have officially finished opening all of the boxes. It was obviously a good case even with what you saw so far. I am pretty happy with it all. Two years in a row I am quite pleased. I wonder how many more words I can think of for Happy. We shall see!

Onto the next box show off (elated!)

Two base autos of LJ Hoes (great name) and Jake Odorizzi. The Dom Brown is a blue refractor. Always nice to hit a Phillies card that I am going to keep!

Onto the next box 9 (joyful)

The Nick Maronde is a nice refractor version! The Parker is a sweet gold ref! Another Blue, Mr Hosmer, the blue on blue looks nice.

Onto Box 10! (jubilant!)

The Yelich is a blue refractor which was really nice to see this late in the game. Got another 1972 insert of Puig. The Stanton is a blue which is cool too. The Cingrani is a double of a base auto which kinda sucks, wish I would just get another guy or a colored one.

No Biggie though

Thanks for following along, one more boxes post and then the summary! (and then we can trade if you guys want)

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  1. That was fun to see all the cards you pulled. Congrats on the Puig auto /25!