Thursday, September 5, 2013

Are You Ready for Some Football!?!

I know this is mainly a baseball blog, but I am a huge Football fan. I think Redzone channel is the greatest invention since the wheel and fire. It is that important to human history. No commercials, all action, now thats living!

In honor of Broncos versus Ravens starting off the season.. I will post my 4 current favorite Eagles cards! I don't buy a lot of football cards at all so these may stay my favorite for a while unless I get some new ones in a trade!

An Autograph of a Legend Bill Bergey!

Kevin Kolb (pronounced Cobb) rookie relic. I know he's out for the year with a concussion. I hope he comes back healthy and gets a true shot at starting without being hurt or whatever. He's had some tough luck in his career. 

Two of the more famous Iggles from the 90s. Randall paved the way for the mobile QBs of today. As far as I know there was no read option in the pro game in the 90s (correct me if I am wrong) and he still managed to get it done throwing and running. Reggie White is one of the greatest Defensive players to play the game. He really was masterful. Not signing him to whatever he wanted was a mistake on par of getting rid of Cris Carter.

Also, I am excited for Football because I love Fantasy Football. I have been involved it in some sort of way since I was 9 years old. I am in 2 money leagues this year and 2 free leagues.

Big Money League (300 dollar buy in)

Starting Lineup to begin the year:
Matt Stafford
MarShawn Lynch
Stevan Ridley
DeMarco Murray
Miles Austin
Greg Zuerlein
Tampa D

It's a 14 team league, so I like my chances. I went real RB heavy in the draft. I also picked McFadden as a backup.

Smaller Money League (10 teams, 100 Buy in)

LeSean McCoy
Matt Forte
DeMaryius Thomas
Danny Amendola
Jordan Cameron
Garrett Hartley
Arizona D

I also went RB heavy and picked MJD as my first backup. I have Hakeem Nicks to backup the wideouts. This is a points league so anything under 150 a week is a disappointment.

In the immortal words of Bart Scott 'Can't Wait!'

Thanks for reading!


  1. I think Miles Austin will come through for you. He looked good in the preseason. And Matt Forte looks like he's ready to have a big season. I tried to deal for him.

    And I hope Nicks goes off this year, I'm counting on him as my #3 in a three receiver league.

    1. In the League I have Austin I'm against Romo this week, so I'm hoping to offset him! Nicks is an injury risk, but I felt comfortable with him as a #3.

  2. Didn't I trade that Bergey to you? ;)

    1. Yes you did! That was part of our crazy trade where I gave you like 20 hits or something and you gave me all the Phillies vintage and a whole bunch of hits, it was a fun trade!