Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1963 Mickey Mantle!!

This year as all of you baseball collector's know the 63 set was used for Topps Heritage. It's a cool design with the 2 photos on the front. I actually only currently own one original card from this set and you guessed it, it's the Mickey Mantle!

It's nice and creased but overall its clean so I'm happy. I didn't pay a lot for it so also a good thing. The Mick kinda looks like hes day dreaming about home runs or bunnies or something.

How do you guys display your nicer cards? I know I've seen some really awesome stuff in the blogosphere and part of the fun is being able to admire it in your own home. My mom's husband made this card holder for me this week (picking it up this weekend) I think it will look real nice in the guest room to display the cards!

The card in the middle is just one graded card I had for measurement purposes. Can't wait til I get it to properly display the shininess and vintageness of the cards!

Also I will quote my gf in this article she recently said "I like the sun and I like bunnies"

Hard to disagree.. Hard to disagree

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