Sunday, January 13, 2013

2 New additions to 1952 Topps Phillies Set

That was a really long winded blog post title, but it's true. Over the last week I was able to score 2 new cards from 1952 Topps, both in pretty good shape. I am getting within striking distance of finishing off the 20 card Phillies team set. I still have 2 high numbers left, but I have my eye on one of them at a fair price and will just have to continue searching for the other one.

Check em out!!

Graded PSA 5 which I think is pretty solid. The colors are on the card are still really sharp after all of these years. Curt Simmons had a 20 year career in the pros starting at age 18 in 1948! In 1954 he was 14-15 and had 21 complete games! That's crazy to pitch so many through and only get 14 wins to show for it.

This is currently my highest Graded 1952 topps card. (I have 6 that are ungraded I'm debating getting them all graded eventually) I feel its worth the couple extra bucks especially when buying online to know that is not a reprint. Andy Hansen's career wasn't nearly as impressive as Curt Simmons. He lasted 9 years in the majors and his best year was in 1948 when his ERA was sub 3.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Both cards are stunning, great scores! Their both classic, with Simmons' background being the field, whereas Hansen has what looks to be just your typical backyard fence. Nice.

    When you finish with your graded '52 Phillies set, will you move on to the set as a whole (graded or ungraded?!), or move on to another team set?

    Great post!


    1. I would love to get the whole set just not currently in the budget. I am starting another collecting quest which I will post about soon just waiting for some cards to arrive in the mail first!

  2. The Hansen is especially nice with the centering being the only issue with the card as far as I can see.