Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some Random Five Star!

I believe with these last 2 cards I have completed my Five Star buying for this year. I really like the cards as I've shared quite a few. The book card I have displays really well on the shelf with my other memorabilia type stuff. The last piece for my PC of Phillies Five Star is this card.....

The Mike Schmidt Platinum base out of 10! I traded away the Kemp so I had to replace it with the greatest Philly of all time! Went a little Schmidt crazy on this set (4 autos numbered out of 25,55,97 and 49) and now this! The residue is on the cover not the card.

I also picked up a Clayton Kershaw auto..

This is numbered out of 97 so its not quite as nice as the one I traded away but its cool. I plan on hanging onto this one for at least a little while. He's a pretty good pitcher and the blue swatch is pleasing to the eyes.

Still awaiting some monster pickups, a couple are actually at the post office but I can't pick em up til Saturday! Can't wait to have em in hand!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Both are stunning cards. I look forward to seeing the "monsters."

    1. I got one post queued up for Saturday! Finally got most of them!