Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Pull of the Year!

Way back in the beginning of my humble blog (August of this year). I started it off by Live Blogging my case of 2012 Topps Chrome. I fully intend to open one case of this every year since it is an absolute blast. I love the trading afterwards and the unknown of opening 288 packs! I got lucky this year and paid 800 for the case cause the price is still well over that! Depending on the hot rookies next year I may put my order in early to make sure I lock in a decent price. I did pull a Bryce Harper auto redemption (which still has not been fulfilled so it does not count as my pull of the year). The pull of the year was my 1 in 8000 or so packs dual auto Matt Moore/Jeremy Hellickson.

I was having trouble deciding how to store it cause of the dual sidedness of it, so along with the Howards in my previous post I had this one graded and slabbed. Check it out!!

It's 9.5 with 10 on the autos. I saw one other one sell on ebay in the 130 range. Who knows how much its worth but I like it. It's the rarest pull I've ever gotten out of a pack. I hope next year I can hit a few 1 in 8000's!

I've read a ton of goals posts over the last few days. I only have one goal, enjoy myself and everything I do. I sometimes collect haphazardly cause if I like it I go for it. My current project is every Phillie Pre 1980! Starting with the 1950s and working my way up!

Whats your best pull of the year?


  1. Replies
    1. It was fun to pull, we had already pulled the diecut out of the box (the die cut was always bottom right 2nd pack from the top) so it was completely unexpected. Killed the odds on the case with that card, the harper redemption and the ichiro short print.