Monday, January 21, 2013

My Latest 52 High Number!

I just received in the mail on Saturday another High Number for my 1952 Topps Phillies Team set. I only have ONE more to track down. Karl Drews how you haunt my dreams!

Check it out!

I'm pretty happy with the condition this card is in. I've been getting most of the team set in the 4-6 range. I'm probably going to grade the other Phillies for this set just to keep everything consistent. (I don't have any other vintage graded Phillies besides 52 Topps) Russ Meyer lasted 13 years in the major leagues. His best season was in 1949 when he went 17-8 with a 3.08 ERA. Looking at his stats he seemed like a pretty decent pitcher to have on the team. I like the green background on the card really makes it jump out!

Quick Teaser.. I started a new quest and I have some monster cards coming in the next few weeks! Can't wait til I get them and can share with all of you!


  1. Right on, congrats!
    What's the highest graded card you have in this series? And the lowest?
    I'm looking forward to seeing the monsters.

    1. Of the ones I have graded my highest is the Andy Hansen at a 6 and the lowest is Ken Heintzelmann at a 3. The Ashburn is a 5 which is pretty good. The Robin Roberts isn't graded yet but its basically clean cept one bad corner not sure how much that'll knock it down.

      I'm looking forward to getting the monsters.. sometimes wish getting baseball cards could be like email!