Monday, January 14, 2013

1995 Score Platinum Team Sets!!

Back in 1995 I was a youngster and my brother and my dad and I went on a quest to get every one per pack Gold Rush card from Score Series 1 and 2 so we could get the mail in only platinum team sets (only 4500 made of each!). If I remember correctly (Dan correct me if I am wrong) we ended up getting 4 team sets (which I believe you have somewhere) (or they are in the basement). I did a quick ebay search and stumbled upon 4 team sets for a reasonable price. Including the Orioles (Cal Ripken) and the White Sox (The Big Hurt!) and of course my favorite team the Phillies.

Check out the Shiny Platinumness!

I really like the way these cards look in a nine pocket pages. Maybe when I finish some of my vintage quests I will put some effort into completing an entire platinum set. That would look pretty next to my other shiny cards. None of these are for trade I can't break up the team sets. Considering it was 1995 these are some fancy cards. Whats your favorite mail in or insert from the 90s? I know some of them back then were really crazy (Thanks Pacific!) 



  1. I remember these back in the day. Mail in sets were big time back then.

  2. we only ended up with four after all that. i don't remember if they're here or in the basement. if they're in the basement, they;re in one of the binders. remember when you called every single card shop near mom-mom's house?

  3. Hey,
    i never got any of your email, did you get my package? i sent it a while back..please email me at if you didn't get it i wanna make sure i do right by you.

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