Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Group Break Loot!

I joined in on Jason's group break over at Joe Average Collector. He is running monthly group beaks that should be good. I liked the mix of products and that you get 3 teams for the price of a blaster including shipping. You get more chances of hitting something cool and a wider variety of players. Also, unless requested he divides up the doubles so you end up with a nice assortment. Although I drew the short straw in this break on the hit category, I'm quite pleased with the assortment of base cards and a few inserts that I got. I had the Phillies, White Sox and Mariners.

Also, he is currently running a cool group break that I'm excited about! Go check it out!

My one hit was a Buddy Carlyle autograph. He last played on the Yankees in 2011 according to baseball reference. I really like the Extra Edition cards in hand. I was never a big fan of lack of logos but if the design is right I'm cool with it. The Ryan Anderson is a numbered parallel. It says his nickname is 'the little unit' (hey ooooh!) because he resembles Randy Johnson. He is really tall thats about the only resemblance.

Some new Halladays. This is an insert from Opening day. I didn't buy any of it so I was happy to get the Phils team set and some inserts. I wouldn't mind taking Halladay for my fantasy team. I think he is going to regain his form and get 18-22 wins this year!

This is a 'Tales of the Game' insert. This is the game where the Phillies played Toronto at home and it was a road game, so technically Halladay going 'back to Toronto' was in Philly, go figure.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards, excited to see what comes tomorrow!