Monday, January 28, 2013

1965 Mickey Mantle!!

It never gets old writing these posts (good thing cause we are counting down to 51). The 65 set is a really well designed set. I like it way more then the last few years of Topps products (for whatever that is worth).

Check it out!!

The copy I got is a bit beat up but thats ok. The nicer ones were going for way more then I wanted to spend. I'm glad the picture itself is clean just a few creases. The back of the card tells me "In the 1964 World Series Mickey crashed three home runs to give him a career mark and an alltime record of 18!" And yes that how alltime is written. Impressive to hit 18 home runs in the world series. Many players don't do that over several seasons! I wish we could take the talent of guys like Hank Aaron and Mickey Mantle and insert them in the game today with all the new technology and see how they do. Personally I think they would do great but it would be more then fun to watch!

Thanks for reading.. 1964 is on deck!

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  1. A beauty. Hey, a Mickey Mantle is still a Mickey Mantle regardless of how many wrinkles or creases. Besides, it's a '65 so that makes it doubly nice!