Friday, January 25, 2013

Trade with Joe Average Collector!

I recently completed a swap with Jason from Joe Average Collector. He sent me group break cards along with a whole lotta extras (fyi your package will be sent on Saturday its ready to go just have to go the post office).

Group Break goodness!!!

I got real lucky in and hit an awesome silver parallel of Ryan Howard's rookie card! Its quite obvious I like Ryan Howard from my previous posts so I was real happy to see this one!

These cards were part of the trade portion. The OTHER (although technically he was first) Frank Thomas. Had to include some all timer Eagles cards. The Minister of Defense Reggie White and Jaws (who I still think would be a good GM but I don't think he'll go for that) I like his analysis he really knows his stuff in my opinion. And Herman Edwards, the man who returned the fumble at the Miracle at the Meadowlands. Oh yea and he coached and stuff.

Other group break cards. Hit one of the other other Frank Thomas (you know the one I collect). I pictured both Billy Wagner and Brad Lidge.. Funny how they were both Astros closers and then both Phillies closers. My favorite card of this bunch is the bottom middle. It clearly says Pat Burrell on the card and that is clearly not Pat Burrell. That's Scott Rolen. I put a Burrell card next to it for comparison's sake. Love the error! Way to go Stadium Club!

Thanks for the trade/group break!


  1. That top row of Thomas/Bagwell/Ripken - those are three nice cards in my book. I like the silhouettes.

  2. Glad you liked them all, thanks for everything!

  3. Nice trade, Brad!
    Joe Average is clearly running an above-average situation.

    Do you happen to have this Kyle Kendrick auto card?


    1. I do not have that card, i do like it though looks awesome!